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Centara Government Complex Hotel & Convention Centre Chaeng Watthana

Chaeng Watthana Road, Thungsong-Hong, Laksi, Bangkok 10210, Thailand.






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26-29 February  2020
Shanghai, China
24-29 April  2020
São Paulo, Brasil
23-25 July 2020 
Dubai, UAE
18-20 September  2020
Jakarta, Indonesia

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Forex Exhibitions 

Two days of amazing opportunities 

Biggest and most complex financial event in 2019, where you have incredible opportunities to reach your goals


200+ exhibitors

100 000 + international attendees.

50+ speakers


Nowadays, Thailand is one of the top tourist and business destinations, with Bangkok alone gathering 21 million visitors per season. Thanks to easy travel and liberal visa roles, thousands of attendees are coming from other continents to meet with you.


Incredible weather, cosmopolitan city, the right time and place for a business trip.


Most Forex or other financial events are organized to reach some targets at the actual event, but we bring on a new concept, where our professional team will cooperate with you after the event to bring you maximum results.


Every exhibitor has an opportunity to show their strong qualities, meet new partners or clients and also collect high quality marketing materials, which will lead you to success

Forum and Conference

AI in financial and monetary system

Future of blockchain and competitiveness of financial companies

The coming decade will be one of the most important ones in modern history.

The AI is revolutionizing every field. Sometimes we  don’t even realize, but we touch AI every day. Healthcare, law, insurance, manufacturing, advertising, education, entertainment, finance of course and many other industries are trying to adapt to this incredible new reality by implementing AI in different ways.

AI is an opportunity and the right analysis and understanding is crucial. As an industry, AI is growing incredibly fast, from 2016 to 2020 growth rate will sore to (CAGR) 55.1%. AI driven global revenues reached $12.5 billion in 2017 and may push it to $47 billion in 2020.

From customer support to trading and risk management, incredible examples of Paypal AI fraud detection to Hong Kong Aidiva, amazing stories of Erica from Bank of America and Kai from MasterCard, the AI is changing the financial industry fundamentally.

This makes expos and academic events even more important as they are an opportunity for brainstorming new ideas.

The leading companies, AI experts and blockchain technologies will unite at World FX Expo 2019 to make one step forward to the future.

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